Commercial Electrical Upgrades For Your Lighting

Posted on: 1 April 2022

Depending on the type of business you may have, the lighting can have a profound effect on your employees and clients. With this is in mind, you may be considering a lighting upgrade during your next business renovation. If this is the case, your commercial electrical services contractor can help you develop some ideas and changes that can benefit your business's lighting in various areas. Here are a few of the ideas and what to know about each option. 

LED Remote Lighting

Keeping your employees working, confident, and happy is part of any good employer and employee relationship. One way many businesses do this is by allowing personal customization of the workspace. One way you can enhance this is through the use of LED remote lighting. With LED lighting you can have each cubicle wired for total lighting personalization within that cubicle or office. The remote can then be used to turn the lights on or off in that cubicle. You can also use the remote to change the lighting color to suit your needs or the needs of your employees. 

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting solutions are something many businesses are looking at and considering for upcoming renovations. These lighting solutions offer you, your administrative staff, managers, or maintenance staff access to a wide range of options for your business lighting. For example, you can decide to have smart lighting that allows you to set the lights to a timer. This can mean turning off the lights at the end of the day, turning on lights in another area of the building for overnight workers, or maintaining safety lights during your off-hours. 

Landscape and Security Lighting

One of the areas you may accidentally overlook is your landscape and security lighting. Your landscape lighting can be both attractive and useful. Security lighting can be motion detector-based lighting, such as pathway lights, that alert if someone is in a closed-off area. You may also want motion lighting on the sides of buildings, in hallways, and throughout the outer parameters of the building. This can help ensure you have a well-lit area for your overnight security team as well as a deterrent from burglars. 

If you like these options, or if you have other ideas discuss them with your commercial electrical services contractor. They can help you implement these ideas. They can also discuss other options that would complement the lighting upgrades and renovations you choose. Keep in mind that your contractor can also discuss other electrical changes and upgrades that may benefit you and your business environment. 

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