4 Signs Of Damaged Wiring

Posted on: 24 June 2022

While some damage to electrical wiring is obvious, you can't see damage on hidden wiring. However, if you have this problem, then you often get other signs that all is not well. How can you tell if you have a damaged wire?

1. Noises

If a wire is frayed or damaged, then it can't provide a smooth power supply. Sometimes, you can hear this problem.

For example, a light might make buzzing or humming sounds when you turn it on. These sounds stop when you turn off the light. This is a sign that the light fitting's wiring isn't working correctly; it doesn't give an unbroken connection.

2. Odors

If a wire isn't intact, then it can't deliver safe power. Sometimes, a broken or damaged wire can overheat or transfer too much heat to parts of an outlet.

If this happens, then you might notice a new smell around a light or outlet. Sometimes, you smell smoke or burning; other times, you get an odor of burning or melting plastic. If this problem occurs around an outlet, then it might also feel warm to the touch.

Odors are a sign that something is going badly wrong in that part of your system. You shouldn't use the problem outlet or fitting again until you have it checked out.

3. Discoloration

If frayed or broken wires are transferring heat to their outlets or fittings, then you might see some damage after a while. For example, you might see scorch marks around the holes on an outlet. Or parts of the outlet might look yellower than the rest.

This is a sign of overheating. Something isn't working correctly in the outlet or fitting. This can be a loose or damaged wire.

4. Tripping

If some of your wiring has a problem, then you might have some system overloads. For example, you might notice that a light dims or flickers when you use other electrical items or appliances in the room. This is a sign that you aren't getting enough power into the area. If this hasn't happened before, then you could have a new wiring problem.

In some cases, your circuit breaker might also start to trip more often for no obvious reason. You might not be using more power than usual but the breaker trips anyway.

Damaged wiring is a potentially serious problem. If you think you might have some damage to your electrical system, then call out a residential electrician


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