3 Mistakes That Can Cause A Life-Threatening Electrical Emergency

Posted on: 18 November 2022

Electricity is one of the most dangerous utilities in your home, requiring the care of a professional. Many life-threatening electrical problems are a byproduct of careless use of electrical sockets and appliances.

Improper Generator Use

Many people cannot have a whole-house generator installed and rely on a portable generator as needed, especially when severe weather is expected. There are several ways improper use of a portable generator can be potentially life-threatening. One of the major threats is running a generator in a closed space where carbon monoxide can leak into the home. Since carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, it's not easy to pinpoint if it is in your living space. Another concern is expecting your generator to do more than it is meant to do. Pay attention to the instruction manual to understand what your specific generator is designed to do to prevent overburdening the generator. Additionally, there are generators that may use various fuel sources. You must store fuels appropriately and refill your generator according to the instruction manual to prevent fires or ruining the generator.

Using The Wrong Extension Cord

Not all extension cords are created equal and using the wrong extension cord can cause an electrical fire or ruin the outlets throughout your home. Most extension cords have three prongs because they need to be grounded. If your extension cord only has two prongs, its use is more limited. You should only use these extension cords for items that require small amounts of electricity, such as an alarm clock or to charge your mobile phone. Appliances that require more extensive electricity will require a grounded extension cord. There are still differences within grounded extension cords based on the electrical needs of the appliance. Some appliances cannot be used with extension cords regardless of the amount of electricity the extension cord can handle. For example, extension cords are not intended for appliances that run continuously, such as refrigerators. Similar limitations exist for power strips. Their use is limited to standard audio-visual devices, such as computers or TVs. Improper use of both extension cords and power strips is a fire hazard.

Overburdening Or Using The Wrong Outlet

Every appliance is not designed for every outlet. A major hazard is plugging large appliances into a conventional outlet. Some examples of major appliances that likely need specialized outlets include large kitchen appliances and dryers. Even large appliances that are not currently in use, such as a dryer, still utilize electricity, which could overburden a standard outlet just being plugged in. Many large appliances have unique plugs so they cannot fit into a standard outlet as a protective feature. If you are remodeling your home and need outlets in a different location, the safest approach is to have an electrician install the outlets. Additionally, your electrician can make sure other aspects of your home can handle additional appliances, such as the wiring throughout your home.

Minimizing your chance of an electrical emergency is the first step to preventing life-threatening injuries. Whenever you are in doubt about appliances or their installation, it's always safer to consult an electrician. Reach out to a service like Fast Fix Electrician San Diego to learn more.


The Electrical System is the Backbone of Your Building

The electrical system in your home or office is like the backbone of your building. It is what provides your building with the support that it needs to function, much like how your spine supports your body. Without a working electrical system, your appliances, lights, and electronics will not be able to run and function correctly. That is why it is essential to understand what to do and who to call when you experience an electrical issue or want to engage in an electrical upgrade to your property. At Royal Tech Electrical, we are here to help give you the information you need to make informed electrical systems so you can keep the backbone of your home and office working effectively.


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