Signs You Should Replace Your Solar Panels

Posted on: 28 November 2022

Your solar panels can last for more than two decades if you maintain and clean them regularly. But just like other products, your solar panels will also fail due to wear and tear. And once your solar panels start showing signs of wear and tear, you must replace them. Here are the indicators that you need a new solar panel installation.


You don't have to wait for your solar panels to fail to replace them. They might fail unexpectedly, and it might take longer to replace them. With that said, you should have saved for a new solar panel installation by the time your current installation hits 20 years. At least you'll be ready to purchase new solar panels once you notice that age has finally caught up with your existing panels.

Physical Damage

Your solar panels are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you can expect them to sustain damage once heavy downpours and hail storms hit your area. The hail stones can cause the frame of your solar panel to bend or crack. And once that happens, water will infiltrate your solar cells, rendering your solar panel useless. So, always inspect your solar panels after hail storms and windstorms to ensure they are intact. 

Outdated Models

Old solar panel models might not be as efficient as modern models. As such, you might want to swap them for new models, especially if their performance isn't great. And since modern solar panels have been improved so much, you should enjoy so many benefits once you make the switch. So, if you have an old solar system, don't hesitate to invest in an upgrade.

Discolored Solar Panels

Discoloration and burn marks are warning signs that you should replace your solar panels. In most cases, the discoloration happens on the solar panel's conductor strips. Once you spot discoloration in these parts, it means you'll have uneven temperature distribution. So, if your system's energy output hasn't been consistent, there is a high chance that you have got discolored panels.

Reduced Performance and Energy Output

Most folks rarely check their system's performance and energy output. As such, they'll never know when their solar panels are failing. Ideally, you should measure your system's output when there is plenty of sunshine. Check if the output matches the figures indicated on the panel's nominal rating and other specifications. If the numbers you get are below 275 watts of power per module, it could indicate that your solar panel needs a replacement.  

If you believe you need new solar panels, talk to a professional in your area. 


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